Private Singing Tuition

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    Katie Bogaru 

    Singing Teacher



Katie is a professional singing teacher based in Brighton & Hove specialising in private singing lessons and choral teaching for all ages. She has been a professional singer and teacher for 10 years. Katie can help you improve your technique while building your confidence as a singer and performer.

  • Develop great vocal technique
  • Build your confidence
  • 1 hour or 30 minute lessons available
  • Sing in close harmony with Katie
  • Do you want to sing in a small group? Katie offers small group singing lessons where she focuses on blending and holding harmonies. 
  • Are you hosting a party or camp fire? Why not hire Katie to teach an uplifting and fun workshop that could act as a wonderful icebreaker and really get the good times rolling!

For prices and availability please call Katie on 07892099271 or email Katie at and label the email ‘Private Tuition with Katie’.


Helen Bowman

Vocal Tutor



  • Helen is a trained primary teacher with many years of experience of working with children.
  • From a young age Helen has enjoyed playing classical music as well as performing with various pop and folk bands.
  • Helen is passionate about helping people to find their inner singing voice and she believes that everyone can and should sing!
  • As well as running Singing’s Cool (the after-school singing school for young people) Helen directs and arranges music for various community singing groups in the area.
  • She regularly performs as part of an original Latino Jazz funk band and an ambient electronic duo.
  • Trained Primary Teacher
  • Alexander technique for singing training
  • Guitar, Violin & Piano
  • Experience of live performing

For prices and details of 1:1 lessons please email or call 07557997696

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